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Dental Brass-Tacks Gurugram

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The making of Dental Brass-Tacks

Dr Nisha Bali has been in the forefront of high-end clinical dental practice for more than 15 years in Delhi NCR ever since she graduated out of Dental School. She has constantly updated her knowledge with the latests in Dental Industry such as Metal-Free Ceramics, Dental Implantology, Rotary Endodontics, Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, Dental Sleep Medicine, dental wellness therapy from mentors based in India and Germany with the sole aim of providing quality care for her patients.

Dental Brass-Tacks, Multi-Speciality Dental Clinic was thus conceived with sole idea to bring unsurpassed best practices in dental care to all sections of societies. The strong belief in patient-centred practice that embodies Minimally-invasive Dentistry is the basic tenant around which functioning of Dental Brass-Tacks is focused on.

Why the name "Brass-Tacks"?

The figurative expression 'getting down to brass tacks' engage with the basic facts or deal with the important details. In dental practice, it is very pertinent that patient's dental needs require great deal of attention before it is addressed with treatment for improving the quality of life. So, the dentist has to "get down to the brass tacks" to provide both basic and advanced dental care to the patients. Hence, the name Brass-Tacks is associated with our dental practice!



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